Life Challenges are Inevitable

Everyone needs Experienced and Personalized Guidance

  • Tap into the first-hand wisdom of trained Guides Tap into the first-hand wisdom of trained Guides
  • Increase your team’s focus, well-being and creativity Increase your team’s focus, well-being and creativity
  • Reduce employee presenteeism loss Reduce employee presenteeism loss
  • Enhance your Culture of Caring ​​™ Enhance your Culture of Caring ​​™
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Raj Sisodia

"LifeGuides is a wonderful and important resource for enterprises motivated to help employees navigate life struggles and enhance creativity, vitality and energy in their workforce."

– Raj Sisodia, Co-Author of:
Conscious Capitalism, Firms of Endearment, and Everybody Matters

The Pressure on
HR Departments

The Grand Prize Winner

Peter Diamandis’ Abundance 360 Impact Challenge!

Leading Employers Create Employee Well-Being

  • Reduce Presenteeism Loss
  • Reduce Absenteeism
  • Improve Focus, Well-Being & Creativity
  • Achieve Better Retention & Recruitment
  • Reduce Health Insurance Claims
  • Enhance your Culture of Caring ™
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Leading Employers Create Employee Well-Being

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Confidential      |     Stigma Free    |      Personalized      |    Highly Affordable

Our Guides Are . . .

  • Committed to helping you succeed in your life journey

  • Like an old friend who has walked in your shoes

  • Successfully experienced in a specific Life Challenge

  • Trained by our team of PhD and Master level professionals

  • Personally interviewed and background checked

  • Rated by clients, similar to Uber

  • Caring, empathetic, good listeners

Will Bunker

"Like pairs people for love, LifeGuides pairs someone in the midst of a Life Challenge, to a Guide who has successfully overcome the identical life event."

– Will Bunker, Founder,
Life Challenges Channel

Our vetted and trained Guides are available to support with these Life Challenges.

Additional Channels
Alzheimer’s of a Loved-One

Alzheimer’s of
a Loved-One

Family Caregiving




Grief and Loss

Grief and Loss

 Cancer of a Loved One or Self

Cancer of a Loved One or Self

Natural Disaster Loss

Natural Disaster Loss

Opiate Addiction of a Loved-One

Opiate Addiction of a Loved-One

Opiate Addiction of a Loved-One

Mental Illness of a Loved-One

How LifeGuides Works for Your Employees

1. Talk with your personal
Well-Being Concierge.
2. Choose a Trained Guide who has succeeded in the same Life Challenge.
3. Talk Confidentially with a Guide from a place of empathy, wisdom, and easy relatability.
4. Personalized, Expert-Curated Resources through our Intelligence AssistanceTM Software.

Life Challenges Made Less Challenging

Jill G.

"I was paired immediately with guide that was meant just for me and my unique situation. I will not ever forget her and how she walked the start of this beautiful though arduous journey with me!"

– Jill G.
Nayda T.

"My guide was relatable and compassionate. She provided avenues for me to express my thoughts and feelings and when I cried."

– Nayda T.

Meet Our Team

The heads, hearts, and hands that help make LifeGuides possible

Mark Donohue

Mark Donohue

CEO & Founder

Dr. Linda Buscemi

Dr. Linda Buscemi

VP, Guides & Content

Diane Doster

Diane Doster

Director, Customer Success

Nikki Villanueva

Nikki Villanueva

Director of Operations

Debi Waldeck

Debi Waldeck

Director of Business Development

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Growing a Platform for Caring People to do Extraordinary Good

Press play to learn more about the LifeGuides' Vision

Life Guides Vision

David Gardner

"LifeGuides is my largest venture capital investment, besides my investments into The Motley Fool. We are excited to offer The LifeGuides Networks to our 350 employee families, as we enhance our Culture of Caring."

– David Gardner, Co-Founder & Chair
Motley Fool Investments
Michael Gelb

"Life Guides is a genius idea! It’s a brilliant platform for caring people to connect and help others in need; a remarkably effective way to deliver real benefit to your stakeholders. Highly recommended for all who aspire to lead Healing Organizations!"

– Michael Gelb, Author of: "How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci", "Innovate Like Edison", "Creativity on Demand"